Finally an electronic modality that delivers on it’s promise!

Not all modalities are created equal. Clinicians using the PiezoWave2 report that the PiezoWave2 consistently outperforms Ultrasound, Estim, and Laser for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. In fact, PiezoWave2 clinicians rank MyACT as one of the most important therapies they provide to their patients. No wonder why. – 93% of patients treated with MyACT reported satisfaction with the results with 50% of those being extremely satisfied.*

 *Based on end-user survey 10/16

“Athletic trainers who work with track & field programs utilize manual therapy skills as the primary mode of clinical practice. In order for me to use a modality, I have to be sure it will have a significant impact on my patient’s care and outcomes. The Piezowave is the modality that has become a vital part in my clinical work with the University of Oregon Track & Field Program. We have great clinical outcomes after only a session or two using the device. The Piezowave is a modality I never hesitate to use when dealing with chronic conditions.”

Grant Wilson

ATC at the University of Oregon

“This is a therapy that facilitates cellular repair in a fashion that is unrivaled in the physical therapy device market.”
Jerry True


“This is a modality that gives moderate to strong effect on the majority of my patient population,with some spectacular results sprinkled in the mix. Cleary, this modality is worth having. The greatest value that I see in MyACT is it’s abilities to mechanically influence tissue function, aid recovery and facilitate healing at a much faster rate than I typically see, and in typically recalcitrant conditions.”

Tiziano Marovino


“I work in a sports medicine clinic specializing in treating high level athletes as well as weekend warriors who have not responded well to traditional care. We are always looking for ways to improve patient outcomes and speed up the healing time so patients are able to get out and continue to do what they love to do. The PiezoWave2 helps me target, treat, and get results from conditions that previously were very challenging to treat. The PiezoWave2 is very simple to use and patients tolerate it much better than other sound wave therapy units I have used in the past. As a provider who treats complex chronic injuries, it would be hard to imagine ever practicing without it again.”
Travis McCathie

DC, M.Ed., ATC

“Working with professional athletes, I look for the best modality available to get these athletes at 100%. From acute, to chronic to advancing performance, PiezoWave2 at ELvation Medical works great. No down time from treatment and helps diagnose soft tissue injury. This device is comparable to “Deep/Dry Needling”. “

Dr. Tommy Rhee DC

Team Chiropractor Tampa Bay Bucanneers

Piezowave Relieved My Arthritis Pain – Thanks Dr. DelFavero

My gratitude for Dr. Nik DelFavero and his piezowave therapy knows no bounds.  His curiosity and drive to always be on the leading edge of how to help his patients allowed me to avoid surgery and get fully comfortable use of my right hand back. I am as good as new. 

At Christmas 2015 my right thumb joints had such a level of arthritic pain that I was unable to even pick up a pen and write my name without discomfort much less turn a doorknob.   A friend with a similar issue referred me to an orthopedic hand specialist.  The orthopedist said, “well you aren’t ready for surgery yet, we will just give you a shot of cortisone and see you in six months.”  Fortunately I have Dr. DelFavero, so I replied, “I think I will just try one more thing before I go down that route.”  

Dr. D has fixed so many of my complaints and guided me through so many issues. When he recommended piezowave therapy, I had to try. Now, after only 8 sessions my hand is like I never had arthritis in those thumb joints and I am good to go with any activity, pain free. 

Thank you Dr. DelFavero.  You are a genius!”

Martha Eskew

“I just want to start off by saying that I am not truly a modality guy but the Piezowave2 has totally blown my mind on how effective it is!!

I use it on everything from sprains to strains and  our players feel immediate relief. I have used on players following ACL reconstruction and following the treatment they have present a noticeable increase in their range of motion.

Just this week we had 2 players suffer significant contusions and after using the Piezowave only missed 1 day of practice.

It works so well we take it everywhere we go.”

Bobby Slater

Head Athletic Trainer Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“The WellWave has grown my business more that any other piece of equipment.  I am now able to successfully treat a wide variety of patient complaints with procession and achieve amazing results. There is nothing else like it and patients love the results which makes for amazing referrals.”

Dr. Andrew Kellogg DC & Dr. Sarah Little, DC

Functional Wellness Center LLC

“Innovation is the key driver for advancement in today’s healthcare system. The PiezoWave2 allows me to offer a unique modality that is cutting edge with tangible results. My patients’ recovery time is faster, which allows them to return to their normal activities and lifestyles. I love the PiezoWave2’s ability to locate trigger points, which assists me in creating specific treatment models for my patients.”

Boaz Ritblatt


“By far our best modality for healing soft tissue sports injuries fast”
Dr. Matt Lowe

ART, IDN, FMT, CSCS, Golf Injury Specialist, Certified Swim Technician & Injury Specialist, USA Swimming Coach

“I embrace technology to treat my patients pain and one of the tools I’ve found very helpful is the Piezowave Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy device. Especially like how I can apply the Piezowave along their myofascial chains and isolate specific trigger points that could be pain generates to decrease their pain and increase function.”

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker

“I wasn’t sure I wanted to invest in more equipment for my office so we “borrowed” a unit and ran it all day on patient volunteers with chronic pain issues.  The next week we spent another day doing the same thing with several of the patients getting a repeat therapy session.  I was amazed at how easy it was to find the problem areas and how quick the patients got relief.  I decided to place my order because of repeated requests by my patients for more therapy sessions.  My patients and I are so grateful for this remarkable technology.”
Dr. Jenny Rymer

“Using the Well Wave helped resolve years of damage in my right knee from childhood arthritis and a meniscal tear. I had pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion in that knee for over twenty years. With the Well Wave I have almost no pain and stiffness and a much greater range of motion – I’m more active and feel better. Thanks!”

Marie B.


“As an owner of a private physical therapy practice, my patients have come to expect nothing but the best. I decided to purchase HawkGrips tools in early 2014 because their attention to detail and cutting edge design is second to none. They have been an amazing addition in assessing and treating musculoskeletal and fascial restrictions. 
In November of 2017, I added the PiezoWave2. The PiezoWave2 delivers highly focused acoustic pulses that target trigger points in side the body, which are all highly responsive to mechanical energy.
In a goal-oriented and result driven patient centered business, the combination of both the HawkGrips and PiezoWave2 hands down have elevated my private practice to another level.”
Boaz Ritblatt