Is your PiezoWave2T MyACT performing properly?

Do this quick test to see.

Step one: Check to see how many pulses are currently on your therapy source


Step two: Check the power of your therapy source.

  1. Using the 0 mm Gel Pad, place your index finger on the tip of the Gel Pad
  2. Set the pulse frequency at 5
  3. Begin increasing the output intensity and note when the intensity becomes noticeable

Why should you test your therapy source?

The piezo crystals that produce the sound waves degrade over time and affect the PiezoWave2T MyACT’s ability to create compression.
A degraded therapy source will require higher output settings to achieve effective therapy and soon you will not be able to set an effective device intensity.

What do my test results tell me?

  • A therapy source that has over five million pulses or…
  • … if the compression during the finger test is not felt until the machine output intensity is above 8, the therapy source is considered out of specification and should be replaced

A simple way to replace your therapy source.

  • Elvation Medical has begun a trade-in program that exchanges your existing therapy source for a brand new one at a dramatically reduced price
  • List price for the F7G3 therapy source is $5,900 while trade in price is only $4,500
  • List price for FBL Linear therapy source is $7,400 while trade in price is $5,500

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