Our “Elvation” story

ELvation Medical USA was founded in 2012 with a dream to change the world. Our goal was simple: help people recover from pain faster.

From Olympic athletes and professional sports teams to weekend warriors and seniors, we’ve brought relief to those who were in minor pain. This transformation is made possible without the use of unnecessary painkillers or invasive procedures.

ELvation Medical USA is now the world leader and expert on Piezo Pressure Wave technology that’s assembled by Richard Wolf in Chicago, IL USA and engineered with the finest German-made products.

What started as an idea and shipping out of a garage has evolved into making this dream a reality and operating out of our own building.

This growth was made possible by our customers, dedicated employees, an expansive network of committed partners, and a drive to keep pursuing our mission.

Thank you to everyone who supported us and didn’t think we were crazy when we started the journey in 2012.

Holger Stahl & Marco Ruggiero