Our “Elvation” story

We are two friends who have worked and traveled together for over 20 years, opening up markets for medical devices all over the globe.

We founded Elvation Medical in 2009 ready to bring a technology to the world that could change things. We educated chief physicians, toured through countless operating rooms, built global partners, all in the pursuit for what is best for today’s patient.

Elvation Medical is now the world leader and experts of Piezo Pressure Wave Technology, working with the finest German made products from Richard Wolf.

The goal was simple when we started: make people better faster, that story continues today.

During our travels we found a need to eliminate the use of unnecessary painkillers, reduce or avoid surgery, and put people back in action.

That’s why we always stand by our mission – Controlling Pain. Restoring Motion.

Since bringing our products to the USA we have transformed the way athletes train and recover, brought relief to those who were in constant pain, and given back mobility when there was no other path.
We are happy to have grown into the team we are today, with fantastic employees worldwide, great partners, and a drive to succeed.

Many thanks to all who supported us and didn’t think we were crazy when we started the journey in 2009.

Holger & Friedrich