Product Registration

Products Registered are eligible for the Extended Warranty Terms

Warranty Regulation Elvation Medical LLC

1. Extended Warranty and Customer Service terms after registration:

Elvation Medical guarantees our equipment to be free from any defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for extended two years or 3,000,000 pulses for the F7G3 and extrended two years or 5,000,000 pulses for the FBL 10×5 G2 therapy head and one year for the Control Unit and Pedal Footswitch. Elvation Medical warranties all other accessories for 30 days. Elvation Medical’s general terms and conditions may be found on the back of our invoice. Parts delivered separately by Elvation Medical are subject to all of the same general terms and conditions for our products, including the limitations of warranty and liability. In the event of product resale, the conditions of this warranty are not transferable. All products must be returned to Elvation Medical for any necessary or desired repair or part replacement. No product repair or part replacement should be done by any party other than Elvation Medical unless the care and instruction manual or other written information indicates that repair or part replacement is authorized. If authorized, parts must be replaced only by parts supplied or specified by Elvation Medical and product repair and part replacement must be done in strict conformance with Elvation Medical specifications and instructions for repair and part replacement, including post replacement testing and recalibration. Failure to follow this requirement in any way can be dangerous to you, your personnel and your patients and voids the warranty for the product repaired or the product in which the part was replaced and if the part was supplied by Elvation Medical, for that part. Delivery by Elvation Medical of technical documents such as circuit or other design diagrams does not constitute authorization for product repair or part replacement. Elvation or Richard Wolf equipment and other products should never be modified or altered under any circumstances. Contact Elvation Medical if you have any question regarding the repair of Richard Wolf and Elvation equipment and products. These instructions are not intended to cover all details or variations in equipment, nor to provide for every possible contingency to be met in connection with installation, operation, or maintenance. Should further information be required or should problems arise which are not covered sufficiently for the purchaser’s purpose, the matter should be referred to Elvation Medical. National sales and service offices are located in USA and Germany. Trained distributor personnel are located throughout the U.S. to serve you. For any questions regarding this equipment, or to place an order, contact Elvation Medical.


Defective merchandise will be repaired or replaced at no charge to the customer, provided the customer delivers such defective merchandise prepaid. Any repairs, maintenance or servicing of Elvation merchandise by anyone other than a factory authorized representative will render our warranty null and void.


When returning your product for repair, we suggest that you prevent shipping damage to the product by reusing the box that it was originally shipped in. Elvation also recommends that the product be insured for an amount to cover the cost of replacement.